Peer Educators

We look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your academic and personal goals. Feel free to contact us at (949) 824-1142 .
2018-2019 Student Success Initiatives and Transfer Student Hub Peer Educators:

Azniv Derdzakyan
Major/Minor: Political Science and Sociology
Future Career Goals: Attend law school after taking a year or two off from graduating UCI. I would like to like to be active in politics, be a human rights or criminal lawyer, and one day be a part of a nonprofit organization serving the low income community.
Campus Involvement: ASUCI Statewide Organizing Intern, Armenian Student Association, Alpha Gamma Alpha (Multi-cultural Armenian Sorority
Favorite Pastimes/Hobbies: I love hanging out with my friends and going on adventures to new food places as well as exploring. I enjoy reading, meeting new peoples, watching Netflix when I have free time, and dancing for fun.
Ask Me About: My experience as a first generation low income student, UCDC, interning, advocacy, ASUCI, personal goals, mentoring, planning your class schedule, getting involved on campus, Los Angeles, Middle Eastern and or Armenian food, and handling poofy curly hair. Regardless, you can ask me about anything at any time!


Adriana Perera
Major/Minor: Psychology and Health Informatics
Future Career Goals: I hope to attend law school and become a special needs lawyer or a legal mediator.
Campus Involvement: Pre-Law Society at UCI Chief of Publicity and Marketing, Campuswide Honors Program, UNICEF, and HOPE
Favorite Pastimes/Hobbies: I enjoy running and working out. I love to cook and try new foods with friends. When I’m at home, I like spending time with my family and playing board games. I also like going on adventures and laughing with my loved ones.
Ask Me About: Being a first generation student, getting involved on campus, the School of Social Sciences, the Campuswide Honors Program, staying active during college, anything about Pre-Law, or anything else that might cross your mind! I’d love to help out in any way that I can!


Kevin Florio
Major/Minor: Software Engineering
Transferred from: Moorpark College
Future Career Goals: My goal is to work for a large company designing software and hopefully leading a team one day there! I would also like to come back after my B.A to attend graduate school.
Campus Involvement: Previously a tutor for Donald Bren school of ICS 45C (C++) and ICS 45J (Java).
Favorite Pastimes/Hobbies: More than I have time for unfortunately but when I do get time I like to: Go fishing, golfing, camping, boating, mechanics work, personnel software designing, woodworking, metalworking and more!
Ask Me About: Finding a balance in your schedule between work, classes, personnel studies, research and commuting. Setting up a schedule to prioritize tasks and studies. Computer science interview practice and readiness. STEM major information, transfer acclimation, class schedules, budgeting, long commuting and much more! I love to help in any way I can.


Anh Hoang
Major/ Minor: Biological Sciences
Future Career Goals: I plan on attending a graduate school after graduating from UCI to become a pediatrician or pursue a career in the medical field.
Campus Involvement: SPOP Mentorship Program, UCI Volunteering Program, RCC at UCI, AMSA at UCI
Favorite Pastimes/Hobbies: Traveling and exploring SoCal, listening to K-Pop, playing piano and ukulele, making piano covers on YouTube, writing personal blogs, cooking and trying new foods, and napping.
Ask Me About: Feel free to ask me about my experience as an immigrant, a first generation low income student, a BioSci student, planning your class schedule, getting involved on campus, UCI resources, time management tips, working through culture and language barriers, music, Vietnamese food, and honestly anything. I’m here to help so don’t hesitate to talk and ask me any questions!


Viviana Garnica
Major/Minor: Anthropology Major
Transferred from: East Los Angeles College
Future Career Goals: Goal is to get into Medical school and become a Physician
Favorite Pastimes/Hobbies: I like to go to the movies, concerts, road trips, cooking and going to spin class!
Ask Me About: Being a First generation college student. Time management. Traveling to Europe and Canada. Being the youngest of 9 kids and having lots of nieces and nephews. I would also like to know about you so let’s chat!


Carla Botello
Major/Minor: Criminology, Law and Society
Future Career Goals: I intend on becoming either a social worker or a youth probation officer to help kids and young adults cope with problems and guide them on the right path.
Favorite Pastimes/Hobbies: Playing soccer, midnight walks around Aldrich, petting every single dog that crosses my path, reading, doing my makeup and taking it off when I'm bored, visiting art shops and museums, napping, eating, tide pooling, drawing, and spending time with family/friends.
Ask Me About: My experience as a first generation low income student, staying fit, money saving hacks or any sort of life hacks (I have a ton!), resume questions, stress management, cheap online stores, and basically anything else you have in mind!


Ana Karen Jimenez
Major/Minor: Psychology & Social Behavior (PSB) and Education Sciences (Double Major)
Future Career Goals: I want to pursue graduate education, and work in a high school, or community college setting, or even become a social worker.
Campus Involvement: School on Wheels at UCI, TRIO Scholars Program
Favorite Pastimes/Hobbies: I love to go for walks at parks, I enjoy watching Netflix series, I love to write short stories, and spending quality time with my family.
Ask Me About: Transitioning from undecided to an actual major, my experience as a first-generation student low-income student, PSB and Education courses, time management, self-care, how to stay motivated during the school year, and anything else you may want to discuss!


Thu (Tammy) Nguyen 
Major/Minor: Business Economics
Future Career Goals: I plan on attending graduate school or going to Law school after I graduate. I plan to work for a Consulting firm either in Business or Law.
Campus Involvement: Summer Bridge Scholar, Social Science Dean's Ambassador, Chinese Association, Konnect, Hansori (Korean traditional drumming club)
Favorite Pastimes/Hobbies: I love drumming, listening to music, watching movies, hanging out with friends and family, reading, traveling, hiking, exercising. I am an outdoor person and I love to do any outdoor activities.
Ask Me About: Getting involved on campus, getting out of your comfort zone, time management, dealing with homesickness, moving away from home for the first time, my experience as a first generation college student, my experience as an immigrant and how I got over the language barrier, or anything else. Feel free to ask me anything and I will try my best to answer!


Lucero Ricado
Major/Minor: Psychology and Social Behavior
Transferred from: Santa Monica College
Future Career Goals: I plan on attending Med school after completing a Med Post Bacc. Program.
Campus Involvement: Chicana/Latina Staff Association Undergraduate Mentorship Program (CLSA), Commuter/ Out of Area Transfer Program
Favorite Pastimes/Hobbies: Playing with my dogs, spending time with my family, going to the beach, binging on a good Netflix show, painting my nails, watching Marvel movies, going to the gym, and enjoying great foods.
Ask Me About: Being a First-Generation Latina Student, Commuting, planning out your week productivity, going from a CC to a UC, about my love for Psychology and Medicine. Regardless, of what it is you need I am happy to help.


Edward Reyna
Major/Minor: Psychology and Social Behavior
Transferred from: Santa Monica College
Future Career Goals: I plan to attend graduate school and earn a Master’s Degree in Counseling and work with college students.
Campus Involvement: Social Ecology ACE Program, and Commuter/ Out of Area Transfer Program
Favorite Pastimes/Hobbies: I love going hiking and running, spending time with loved ones, finding new places to eat, going to the movies, watching ASMR videos, and listening to music.
Ask Me About: My experience as a first-generation low-income student as well as my experience as an only child, commuting from Los Angeles to Irvine, time-management, becoming a better writer, becoming an effective listener, my passion for psychology, staying motivated, as well as anything else related and not related to school. Feel free to ask me anything, I love to help!


Nicholas Reinhart
Major/Minor: Nursing Science
Transferred from: Mt. San Antonio College
Future Career Goals: I want to take on greater responsibilities in healthcare and be able to contribute more by pursuing a masters or doctorate. I want to become a capable clinician and work as a nurse practitioner.
Campus Involvement: M.E.M.O.
Favorite Pastimes/Hobbies: Reading, staying up late, sightseeing, spending time with family and friends, and sleeping.
Ask Me About: The nursing program, study skills, time management, and how to get better sleep. You can also ask me about the transfer process, how to get more out of your first year as a transfer, or anything else comes to mind.


Ana Govea
Major/Minor: Mathematics major with a minor in Chicano/Latino Studies
Future Career Goals: I’m not yet sure what I’d like to do after graduating, but I know that once I am financially stable I want start my own program focused on integrating higher-level math and sciences into under-funded high schools in low-income neighborhoods.
Campus Involvement: UCI Math CEO Outreach Assistant, and MAES.
Favorite Pastimes/Hobbies: Swimming, exploring new areas, watching corny movies, and finding new places to eat!
Ask Me About: Time management, how to stay motivated, studying tips, how to find a job, tips for STEM students, stress control exercises, how to stay busy, my first generation student experience, or even how to make UCI feel more like home. I love to help, so feel free to ask me anything!


Elizabeth Suarez
Major/Minor: Mechanical Engineering
Future Career Goals: After receiving my bachelor’s degree, I will go towards receiving a MBA. With these two degrees, I hope to be a part of a company that deals with prosthetics. My role within the company would be to integrate the engineering and business aspects to achieve our goals of creating more efficient prosthetics and at reduced costs for those in need. In addition, I would like to apply additive manufacturing or 3D printing as an alternative to making prosthetics or biomedical instruments.
Campus Involvement: MAES
Favorite Pastime/Hobbies: Whenever I have a little bit of freedom, I try to watch shows here and there but when I have too much time on my hands I resort to binge watching. When I’m tired of watching, I work on refining my skills on Photoshop and learning more about CAD softwares like NX and SolidWorks. When I’m away from school, I love spending time with my family and dancing hip-hop with my crew in LA.
Ask Me About: What it’s like to navigate through college as a low-income, first-generation student, being a woman in STEM, professional development, ways to get internships and what it’s like having one. Managing your schedule and the importance of self-care. Also, what it’s like living in an apartment, cooking for yourself and budgeting! If you can think of anything else that may seem off topic, I am more than happy to have a conversation and help in any way, I swear that I don’t bite!


Lily Kokami
Major/Minor: Criminology and minoring in Psychology and Social Behavior
Transferred from: Palomar College
Future Career Goals: Help at risk youth in the foster care and juvenile justice system.
Campus Involvement: UCI Women’s Rugby Club, Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program
Favorite Pastimes/Hobbies: I play rugby! I also play six different instruments and I love to draw portraits. I also love working out and eating lots of food. I also enjoy photography and listening to music. I enjoy watching movies and binge watching Friends over and over again.
Ask Me About: How to succeed in a four year university as a transfer student! You can also ask me about how to get involved in research at UCI. Also feel free to come to me if you want some advice on what classes to take as a Crim major. And if you are ever interested in joining rugby, please come find me and talk to me! It’s a lot of fun!


Dawn Murphy
Major/Minor: Psychology and Social Behavior
Future Career Goals: To help children in the juvenile justice system move past their circumstances.
Campus Involvement: Founder of Psi Transfer Society of UCI (PTS), undergraduate researcher in Dr. Cauffman's 3D lab and Dr. Ditto's Hot Cognition lab.
Favorite Pastimes/Hobbies: Hanging out with my daughter and family.
Ask Me About: How to get involved on campus!


Hasan Khan
Major/Minor: Psychology major + Pre-Med track
Transferred from: Mt. San Antonio College
Future Career Goals: My plan is to attend medical school to become a doctor, eventually specializing in Cardiology God willing.
Campus Involvement: Muslim Student Union [MSU], Medical, Educational Missions, & Outreach pre-health club [M.E.M.O.], osu! gaming club, and Emergency Medicine Research Associates Program [EMRAP] Favorite Pastimes/Hobbies: Hanging out with friends, spending time with family, being at school, going to the mosque, watching anime, and of course commuting to UCI
Ask Me About: Anything about the religion Islam, being a Muslim, and the culture behind it, being a pre-med student, how to apply to medical and any graduate schools, Cognitive Science stuff, how to get involved both on and off campus, any anime (especially Tokyo Ghoul!), being a transfer student, and how to have a meaningful experience at UCI. It's possible to do it all if you really want to 😀