Peer Educators

We look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your academic and personal goals. Feel free to contact us at
2016-2017 SSS Peer Educators:

Dakota Michelon
Major/Minor: History, Comparative Literature, and Religious Studies
Transferred from: UC Davis
Future Career Goals: I intend to join the Marine Reserves after graduation and subsequently attend Graduate school.
Favorite Pastimes/Hobbies: Basketball, hiking and camping, Photoshop, volunteering, and fitness
Ask About Me: Time management, planning out the rest of your college career, and writing persuasive papers. Feel free to ask me about the transfer process and how to acclimate!


Azniv Derdzakyan
Major/Minor: Political Science and Sociology
Future Career Goals: Attend law school after taking a year or two off from graduating UCI. I would like to like to be active in politics, be a human rights or criminal lawyer, and one day be a part of a nonprofit organization serving the low income community.
Campus Involvement: ASUCI Statewide Organizing Intern, Armenian Student Association, Alpha Gamma Alpha (Multi-cultural Armenian Sorority
Favorite Pastime/hobby: I love hanging out with my friends and going on adventures to new food places as well as exploring. I enjoy reading, meeting new peoples, watching Netflix when I have free time, and dancing for fun.
Ask me About: My experience as a first generation low income student, UCDC, interning, advocacy, ASUCI, personal goals, mentoring, planning your class schedule, getting involved on campus, Los Angeles, Middle Eastern and or Armenian food, and handling poofy curly hair. Regardless, you can ask me about anything at any time!


Zulakha Sheihk
Major/Minor: Sociology Major, Minoring in Urban Studies
Future Career Goals: Earn a Master’s degree in non-profit management and work for a non-profit organization.
Campus Involvement: Muslim Student Union
Favorite Pastime/hobby: I love to travel, visit museums, shop, read fashion and travel magazines, read poetry, spend time with my friends and family, try new restaurants, cafes, and dessert spots, volunteer at various types of events, blogging, and planning events.
Ask me About: Sociology, Islam, history, graphic design, event planning, resume and LinkedIn tips, how to get involved in the community, finding volunteer opportunities, commuting to UCI, different types of non-profit organizations, travel tips, time management tips, my experience as a first-generation student, planning class schedules to cooperate with your job/internship, interning at non-profits, how to keep a balance between academics, work, friends, family, and personal plans, and just about anything that you need or are curious about!


Judy Vong
Major/Minor: Public Health Policy, Minoring in Management and Health Informatics
Future Career Goals: Pursue a career in Health Communications or Health Promotion. After my undergraduate I am going to work then go back to school for my MPH.
Campus Involvement: Public Health Association, Public Health Brigades, Women in Leadership, TRIO Scholars
Favorite Pastime/Hobbies: DIY Crafts, origami, hanging out with friends, food runs, writing short stories, watching Kdramas, cooking, napping
Ask me About: On/Off campus housing, resumes, interview techniques, my experience as a first-generation college student, time management, anything really, I’m happy to answer any of your questions!


Jason Moreno
 Psychology & Social Behavior, Minoring in English and Education
Transferred from: Orange Coast College
Future Career Goals: Either teach at the community college level, or pursue a PhD in Sport Psychology and (hopefully) work for an NBA team.
Campus Involvement: Ultimate Frisbee, Undergraduate TA (Abnormal Psychology), and on-campus research.
Favorite Pastime/hobby: Playing basketball and soccer, hanging out with my dogs, traveling, backpacking, napping, finding good food, and then finding better food. And, of course, Netflix.
Ask me About: Feel free to ask me for any sort of writing assistance, as well as about time management, test-taking strategies, the LARC scholarship, Academic Success Plans, working through a language barrier, getting acclimated to the quarter system, staying motivated, finding cool places to study, or anything else you’d like to talk or ask about!


Kendra Nicole Faraci
Major/Minor: Education Sciences and Chicano Latino Studies
Transferred from: Irvine Valley College
Future Career Goals: Elementary School Teacher and Professor
Campus Involvement: Tau Sigma Honors Society, Kappa Delta Pi Honors Society, Assistant Teacher at Extended Day
Favorite Pastimes/Hobbies: Going to new places, traveling to Mexico, hanging out with my family, hiking, camping, being in/by/around water, trying different foods, spending time with friends, reading at Barnes & Noble, and sleeping in hammocks
Ask me about: Reaching out to professors, study techniques, time-management, transitioning into UCI as an adult learner, handling the fast-paced quarter system, balancing life, family, and friends, managing stress, or just making a friend. Ask me anything, I’m here to help!


Haneen Hamdallah
Major/Minor: Psychology & Social Behavior & Education Sciences (Double Major)
Future Career Goals: I plan on attending a graduate school or teacher credential program after UCI to become a teacher or pursue a career in the field of education.
Campus Involvement: Sigma Delta Sigma, SOAR Food Pantry, Peer Assistant
Favorite Pastime/Hobbies: Volunteering, DIY crafts, baking, and spending time with my friends and family
Ask me about: My experience as a first generation student, questions about deciding on your major, PSB and Education school requirements or courses, planning your class schedule, time management, self-care, and financial management. But I am honestly open to any questions you may have, I am here to help!


Qoodseya Afredi
Major/Minor: Sociology
Transferred from: Irvine Valley College and Saddleback College
Future Career Goals: Earn a Master’s degree in Social Work and eventually become a License Clinical Social Worker.
Campus Involvement: Muslim Student Union
Favorite Pastime/hobby: I love to sleep, eat, travel, shop, read, spend time with my friends and family, love to watch movies and TV shows (always open to recommendations!).
Ask me About: The experience of transferring from a semester to a quarter system, sociology related questions, anything regarding Islam, how it’s like living with 5 siblings (4 of them being obnoxious brothers), school, friends, work, juggling life, and just about anything you want!


 Ana Jimenez
Major/Minor: Psychology & Social Behavior (PSB) and Education Sciences (Double Major)
Future Career Goals: I want to pursue graduate education, and work in a high school, or community college setting, or even become a social worker.
Campus Involvement: School on Wheels at UCI, TRIO Scholars Program
Favorite Pastime/hobby: I love to go for walks at parks, I enjoy watching Netflix series, I love to write short stories, and spending quality time with my family.
Ask me about: Transitioning from undecided to an actual major, my experience as a first-generation student low-income student, PSB and Education courses, time management, self-care, how to stay motivated during the school year, and anything else you may want to discuss!


Fatima Khan
Major/Minor: Business Administration, Minoring in Criminology, Law & Society
Future Career Goals: Corporate Attorney
Campus Involvement: Muslim Student Union, Marketing Association, Pre-Law Society.
Favorite Pastimes/Hobbies: When I’m not studying, I love watching the Office, going to the beach, hiking, and exploring Orange County.
Ask me about: How to get more involved on campus, searching for internships, using Zotlink, Webreg, and Degree works to your full advantage, getting around campus, adding a minor, and anything else you might need help with!


Vanesse Hiten
Major/Minor: History and Education Sciences
Transferred from: Mt. San Jacinto
Future Career Goals: University or community college professor
Campus Involvement: Campuswide Honors Peer Mentor Coordinator and Ambassador
Favorite Pastimes/Hobbies: Reading for pleasure, cooking, meeting and getting to know people
Ask me about: Time Management, engaging with faculty and T.A.’s, study methods, how to read for college, undergrad research, generally anything – if I don’t have an answer we will find one together.


Eric Gonzalez
Major/Minor: Business Administration
Future Career Goals: Attend graduate school.
Campus Involvement: UCI Boxing Club
Favorite Pastime/Hobby: Working out, spending time with friends and family, listening to music, and searching for memes on a daily basis.
Ask Me About: Staying fit, managing stress, long commutes, and my experience as a first-generation student, or anything that comes to mind!


  Ana Govea
Major/Minor: Mathematics, Minoring in Chicano/Latino Studies
Future Career Goals: I’m not yet sure what I’d like to do after graduating but I know that once I am financially stable I want start my own program focused on integrating higher-level math and sciences into under-funded high schools in low-income neighborhoods.
Campus Involvement: UCI Math CEO Outreach Assistant, and MAES.
Favorite Pastime/Hobbies: Swimming, exploring new areas, watching corny movies, and finding new places to eat!
Ask me About: Time management, how to stay motivated, studying tips, how to find a job, tips for STEM students, stress control exercises, how to stay busy, my first generation student experience, or even how to make UCI feel more like home. I love to help, so feel free to ask me anything!


Hamed Ghafarshad
Major/Minor: Computer Science
Transferred from: Coastline College and Irvine Valley College
Future Career Goals: I want to design and create great software so my future goal is to become a software engineer.
Campus Involvement: UNICEF, IEEE, Video Game Development Club, Anteaters Tzu Ching, Communication Club
Favorite Pastime/Hobbies: Going to the beach, swimming, volunteering, running and kickboxing are my go to activities when I have free time. At home I like to listen to music, develop iPhone apps, and practice programming. Travel is important to me and I’m always open to seeing and discovering new places.
Ask me about: Deciding between ICS majors, choosing a STEM major, and ways to make yourself appealing to employers, how to prepare for interviews, the countries I’ve visited, study abroad advice, and places to visit. Just ask!