Peer Educators

We look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your academic and personal goals. Feel free to contact us at
2016-2017 SSS Peer Educators:

yoaly-fw Yoaly Garcia Torres
Major/minor: Political Science and Business Economics
Future Career Goals: Immigration Layer
Campus Involvement: Dreamers Advocate Program- Gala Coordinator, Pre-Law Society, ASUCI- High School Outreach Assistant Director, and Office of Student Conduct- Peer Advisor
Favorite Pastime/hobby: I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. Binge watching shows on Netflix. I also like going out on runs.
Ask me About: How to choose your classes, avoiding procrastination, how you can get involved in ASUCI and the Dreamers Advocate program. You can ask me about anything.


lizette Lizette Espino
Major/minor: Psychology and Social Behavior & Education Sciences (Double Major)
Future Career Goals: I plan on attending graduate school and pursuing a career in academic counseling at either a high school or college level.
Campus Involvement: Rotaract of UC Irvine, Undecided/Undeclared intern, University Studies 1 Discussion Leader, C.O.A.C.H, and Peer Assistant.
Favorite Pastime/hobby: Volunteering, painting, arts and crafts, watching Naruto and Friends, and spending time with my friends and family.
Ask me About: My experience as a first-generation student low-income student, how to get involved on campus, time management, PSB and Education courses, managing stress, self-care, changing your major, resume assistance, and interviewing techniques. I’m honestly open to any questions you may have. Ask away, I’m here to help!


Zulekha Zulkah Sheihk
Major/minor: Sociology major with a minor in Civic & Community Engagement
Future Career Goals: Earn a Master’s degree in non-profit management and work for a non-profit organization.
Campus Involvement: Muslim Student Union
Favorite Pastime/hobby: I love to travel, visit museums, shop, read fashion and travel magazines, read poetry, spend time with my friends and family, volunteer at various types of events and initiatives, and event planning.
Ask me About: Sociology, Islam, history, how to get involved in the community, finding volunteer opportunities, different types of non-profit organizations, travel tips, time management, my experience as a first-generation student, planning class schedules to cooperate with your job/internship, interning at non-profits, how to keep a balance between academics, work, friends, family, and personal plans, and just about anything that you need or are curious about!


judy Judy Vong
Major/minor: Public Health Policy with a minor in Management
Future Career Goals: Attend graduate school after taking a year or two off from graduating UCI, and find a job in the meantime. I would like to pursue in a career dealing with family insurance.
Campus Involvement: Public Health Association and Public Health Brigades
Favorite Pastime/hobby: Hanging out with friends and going to new places. I’m a major do-it-yourself person so I make my own yarn wall decorations, pencil holders, and I tried making an infinity scarf but it didn’t work out but I enjoyed making it.
Ask me About: Deciding between Public Health Policy and Public Health Sciences, which GE classes counts for two GE categories, planning your class schedule, my experience as a first generation student, my experience in volunteering abroad, and housing (because I almost lived in my friend’s garage because I couldn’t find a place to lease).


jason-fw Jason Moreno
Major/minor: Psychology & Social Behavior, Minoring in English and Management
Future Career Goals: Either teach at the community college level, or pursue a PhD in Sport Psychology and (hopefully) work for an NBA team.
Campus Involvement: Ultimate Frisbee, and on-campus research
Favorite Pastime/hobby: Playing basketball and soccer, hanging out with my dogs, traveling, backpacking, napping, finding good food, then finding better food. And, of course, Netflix.
Ask me About: Feel free to ask me for any sort of writing assistance, as well as about time management, working through a language barrier, getting acclimated to the quarter system, staying motivated, finding cool places to study, or anything else you’d like to talk or ask about!


karla-fw Karla Zeron
Major/minor: Sociology, Minor in Conflict Resolution
Future Career Goals: Obtain a masters degree in counseling.Transferred from: Los Angeles Valley College.
Favorite Pastime/hobby: Exploring Irvine and its surrounding cities, beach-goer, hiking, camping, and crafts.
Ask me About: How to reach out to professors and TAs, transitioning as an older student with a young child, where to find childcare, programs, groups, and resources that will make your UCI transition easier, and Passport to Leadership.


sonia Sonia Chavez
Major/minor: Public Health Policy; minor in Civic and Community Engagement
Future Career Goals: I plan on furthering my education by pursuing a career as a Physician with a specialty in pediatrics and surgery. After I am financially stable, I will open my own organization that will offer early childhood education and health services to low-income minorities. I will form a part of Doctors without Borders and eventually become experienced enough to be the U.S Secretary of Health and Human Services.
Campus Involvement: I am involved in GHREAT (Global Health Research Education and Translation), Public Health 199 research, ASUCI Legislative Council, and Chi Alpha Epsilon Honor Society..
Favorite Pastime/hobby: scrapbooking, and exploring new places. I love watching scary movies and going on hikes. I basically love doing new things and staying busy!
Ask me About: On campus involvements, fellowships, scholarships, UCDC, ASUCI, Jumpstart, Research, mentor programs, summer session, internships, Hoag Hospital, UCI certificates, commuting 2+ hours, Student Alumni Association, time management, financial management. I am willing to answer any questions. I have picked up a lot of things here and there. I am great resource and I can always direct you to others who can further assist you.