Second-Year Transitional Experience Program (STEP)


STEP Second-year Transitional Experience Program was developed to help first generation and low income first- year students transition into their second year at UC Irvine. STEP aims to help students with their academic and personal needs. Positioned between freshmen and junior year (2 years with strong academic identities) the second year is often overshadowed. The STEP program aims to focus on the unique needs of sophomore students with the goal of helping them to succeed and thrive at UCI.



Housed in the Division of Undergraduate Education, the STEP program at the University of California, Irvine strives to provide academic and personal support to low income and first generation students who are in their second year of college. This program aims to help struggling sophomore students with their challenges as well as help our thriving sophomores to continue to thrive.



To enable a successful transition through UC Irvine and help students to succeed and thrive.






Workshops specifically for STEP Scholars will take place throughout the year.  Attending the workshops will be beneficial for acclimating and thriving at UCI.  Workshops will consists of a range of topics, including: time management, study skills, gaining research experience, graduate school preparation, gaining leadership experience, career development, connecting with faculty etc.  Certain workshops may be conjoined with other workshop initiatives occurring at Student Success Initiatives.


Student Success Initiatives is always an open space for STEP scholars.  All counselors within SSI have an open door policy to serve students.  However, if students need extensive services and guidance, they can also schedule an appointment with the counselor/coordinator through the online appointment scheduling portal on the SSI website.

Students who are Sophomore/Second-Year Students during the 2018-2019 academic year should Join STEP by applying here


Tameyka Love

Counselor Coordinator

PH: (949)824-3670