Get Help From Our Amazing Tutors!

Tutoring is available for admitted TRIO Scholars. To book your appointment with a tutor, please click on the Youcanbookme accounts below.

Trio Tutoring Schedule – Spring 2017 

How to Book Your Appointments:

We have switched to online booking! Each of the tutors now has a “You Can Book Me” account. You will be able to book an appointment with any of our tutors by simply clicking on their account and selecting an available time to meet with them. (below are the links).

Each tutor’s account has a biography, details regarding Group Study hours and 1-1 hours, and a direct link to book your appointment with them.

To Book Your Appointments Here:

 Krishna Patel, Math & Chemistry – https://trioscholartutor1.youcanbook.me/

Monica Megalla,  Bio,Chem, & Math- https://trioscholartutor2.youcanbook.me/

Jacqueline Liu, Writing – https://trioscholartutor3.youcanbook.me/

Drisana Zehfuss, Writing – https://trioscholartutor4.youcanbook.me/

Priscella Arciga, Psychology, Criminology & Study Skills – https://trioscholartutor5.youcanbook.me/

Gabriela Hernandez, Psychology & Soc Behavior- https://trioscholartutor6.youcanbook.me/

Calvin Lam, Biology & Chemistry- https://trioscholartutor7.youcanbook.me/

Ying Jin, Math & Physics –  https://trioscholartutor8.youcanbook.me/

Fatemah Sarsak – Chemistry (O Chem) – https://trioscholartutor9.youcanbook.me/

To Cancel An Appointment-Please cancel no later than two hours prior to your sessions, so other TRIO Scholars can use that session. Failure to do so may affect your ability to attend future tutoring sessions.

All TRIO Tutoring Sessions will take place in the Student Service Building II,

*Room 1002 is located in Student Services II (downstairs)

**Room 2301 and 2306 is located in Student Services II (Upstairs in our New Offices)

*** Tutors are not available during Team Meetings: Fridays Week 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 @ 11am-12pm

**** If you are not able to find the your tutor please as at the front desk of Student Support Services