Gateway Initiative


The Gateway Initiative is a set of services designed to provide low-income, 1st generation students with the necessary resources, academic skills, and appropriate referrals that will allow them to reach their maximum personal, academic, and career potential. Gateway supports students to be successful at UCI and to be ‘top performers’ in their respective academic fields.

Gateway Initiative Services:

Book Loan Program

The book loan program is a program for income eligible students to be able to borrow text books and materials from student support services. Students need to visit SSI to check eligibility. Eligible students will be given a contract and instructions on how to borrow books.


Scholarship for on campus tutoring through the LARC office

Student Success Initiatives offers our income and academically eligible students an opportunity to get a scholarship for the on campus tutoring. The link to check eligibility is available on the SSI website during the first 2 weeks of each quarter.


Pathways for Parents and Adult Learners Success (PPALS) program

PPALS was developed to help ensure that students 25 years of age and older and students with children/dependents are successful at UCI. PPALS aims to help student parents and adult learners with their academic, social, and personal needs.


Second-year Transitional Experience Program (STEP)

Second-year Transitional Experience Program (STEP) was developed to help first generation and low income first- year students transition into their second year at UC Irvine. STEP aims to help students with their academic and personal needs.

Positioned between freshmen and junior year (2 years with strong academic identities) the second year is often overshadowed. The STEP program aims to focus on the unique needs of sophomore students with the goal of helping them to succeed and thrive at UCI.


Academic Success Plans

The purpose of an Academic Success Plan meeting is to help students to think about their current behaviors and help them to think about new skills they might adopt that will help them to stay on track/ increase their academic success at UCI. The goal is to provide the student with valuable tips and suggestions and help them to develop strategies for academic success.



Tameyka Love


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