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General Program

What happened to Freshman Edge?

The name Freshman Edge has been phased out, but the essence of the program remains in FSSP, a 6-week summer program consisting of courses and workshops that helps students transition from high school to college. 

What is the Freshman Summer Success Program (FSSP)?

The Freshman Summer Success Program (FSSP) is a six-week early start program crafted to facilitate a seamless academic and social transition for incoming UCI students with four different pathways to meet students’ needs.

What are the dates of the program?

The program starts on August 4, 2024 and ends on September 12, 2024. Please note move-in and move out dates may vary per pathway. See important dates below:

  • August 1– Move-In (Summer Bridge, FSSP Explore, and MITS)
  • August 2 – 3: SPOP 6
  • August 3 – Housing Move-In (FSSP International)(Date is tentative and subject to change)
  • August 4– FSSP Welcome & Orientation
  • August 5 – September 11:  Summer Session II
  • August 10 – Housing Move-Out (MITS Only)
  • September 12– Move-Out (FSSP, FSSP International, Summer Bridge)

If I participate in FSSP, is there a specific SPOP I need to attend?

FSSP participants are encouraged to attend SPOP 6 as it aligns with the start of our program but it is not required. FSSP Explore and MITS participants who do not attend SPOP 6, are required to attend SPOP 1-5 to avoid conflicts with course schedules. FSSP International participants should plan to attend ISPOP on September 18th and 19th. 

Summer Bridge participants are REQUIRED to attend SPOP 6. Summer Bridge Scholars who are in Campuswide Honors Collegium (CHC) will receive an exemption to attend SPOP 6. Spots in SPOP 6 are reserved for all Summer Bridge; scholars who enroll in a different SPOP but are accepted into Summer Bridge will be moved to SPOP 6.

Who should I contact if I have additional questions?

Questions may be directed to fssp@uci.edu regarding requirements, enrollment, scholarship requirements and the summer experience.

For other questions or concerns, please email specific departments (i.e. Summer Sessions, Orientation, Financial Aid, etc.). 

We post announcements frequently on Instagram, so follow us: @fsspatuci, @summerbridgeatuci and @ucirvinessi

What are the different pathways available under FSSP?

Students may be eligible and/or choose to participate in different pathways during our Freshman Summer Success Program. The courses and programmatic offerings for all pathways will start and end at the same time. Please read each pathway description below to learn more about which one may fit your needs.

  • Within the FSSP Explore pathway, students will enroll in Uni Studies 83 (2) and one elective course (4). The elective course must be in-person and must be selected from a pre-approved list. All participants are required to reside on-campus during the duration of the program through September 12, 2024 with move-in taking place August 3rd. Participants will have access to skill-building, networking, and social workshops. Attendance at SPOP 6 is encouraged but not mandatory. The registration deadline is June 9, 2024 at 11:59pm PT.
  • The FSSP International pathway is designed to help ease the transition from high school to college for international freshman students by providing an academic and social experience over the summer. Participants will enroll in Uni Studies 83/84 (4) and Political Science 21A (4) during Summer Session II and have access to skill-building, networking and social workshops. FSSP International students are required to reside on-campus for the duration of the program. International students will need to complete an I-20 and will need to enroll by June 2, 2024 at 11:59pm PST. Participants should plan to attend I-SPOP on September 18th & 19th.
  • The Summer Bridge Scholarship is offered to students who are income-eligible and first-generation. The scholarship covers course/e-tech fees, program fees, and room/board for the duration of the program. All Summer Bridge Scholarship recipients are required to reside on-campus from August 1, 2024 to September 12, 2024. Summer Bridge recipients will be enrolled in Uni Studies 83/84 (4) and Sociology 1 (4) during Summer Session II. After summer, Summer Bridge Scholars participate in a year-long program that includes personal guidance, mentoring, workshops and priority registration. Participants must apply to be considered for this scholarship by May 29, 2024 at 11:59pm PT. 
  • Math in the Summer (MITS) is a mathematics readiness pathway. Participants will enroll in Math 1B (hybrid) and UNI STUDIES 82 (remote-asynchronous) Participants will reside on campus for one-week only (August 1-10) and the remainder of the course will be completed remotely. They will have remote access to a variety of skill-building workshops and faculty lectures. Attendance at SPOP 6 is encouraged but not mandatory. The registration deadline is June 9, 2024 at 11:59pm PT.

The application portal will only allow you to register/apply for the pathway(s) you are eligible for based on data from the UC application. If you feel there is an error, contact fssp@uci.edu with a brief description of your situation.

Do I need to apply?

FSSP pathway registration forms and applications will be available via your student portal. Deadlines vary by pathway.

FSSP Explore, FSSP International, and MITS do not have a formal application process. Students who have submitted an SIR can log on to this website and register. All students will need to register in FSSP by June 9, 2024. An application is required for the Summer Bridge Scholarship; the deadline is May 29, 2024. Summer Bridge Scholarship applicants need to submit a 2023-2024 FAFSA/DREAM Act Application to be considered.

May I opt out of any part of the program to reduce the cost?

Students must pay for the mandatory campus fee, course/e-tech fees, program fees, and room & board. Students may not alter course, meal, or housing assignments. Living on-campus is required. (MITS students only reside on campus for one week) Students may waive out of USHIP to reduce the cost as long as they do so within the waiver period and they have comparable health insurance.

Exactly when will I be in classes?

 Students will receive a confirmation email with their class schedule once billing and course enrollment are complete. Course schedules vary depending on pathway.

UNIVERSITY STUDIES 83/84 (4 units) – FSSP Explore, FSSP Int’l, Summer Bridge

  • Lecture – MW 4-6:50pm
  • Activity – MW 5-6:50pm
  • Writing Lab – TuTh 10:30-11:50am (UNI STUDIES 84 ONLY)

POLITICAL SCIENCE 21A: Intro to American Government (4 units) -FSSP Int’l

  • Lecture – TuTh 1:00pm-3:50pm
  • Location TBD
  • Fulfills UC-American History and Institutions Requirement


  • Asynchronous, remote

MATH 1B (4 units) -MITS

  • Week 1
    •  Monday-Friday (August 5th – August 9th)
    • 10 am – 12 pm, 1 -1:50 pm
    • In-person on the UCI campus
  • Weeks 2 – 6
    • Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
    • 10 am – 12 pm
    • Synchronous online class (virtual attendance required)

SOCIOLOGY 1: Introduction to Sociology (4 units) -Summer Bridge

  • Lecture – TuTh 1:00pm-3:50pm
  • Location TBD
  • III and VII

ELECTIVE COURSE (4 units) –FSSP Explore

Times vary

All FSSP participants will be expected to attended courses, socials as well as Collegiate Life and Faculty Connections events.

Will I be able to leave and visit my family?

Participants are able to visit family and friends during their free time. However, participants should keep in mind that courses are accelerated over 6-weeks and will require ample amounts of studying. Furthermore, the Freshman Summer Success Program will provide weekday and weekend social programming and also encourages students to explore their local surroundings and build relationships with their peers. Participants should make plans to attend ALL classes and discussions as well as meet all programming requirements.

Will FSSP participants be able to do work study during the 6 weeks?

No. Work study is not available during summer for incoming students. For more information about work-study, contact UCI Financial Aid.

Will course textbooks be available for free or do we need to purchase the books?

Textbooks for ESL, Accelerated Certificate Programs, and selected on-ground courses are available at the University Bookstore, The Hill. Textbooks for all UCI Division of Continuing Education online and many on-ground courses may be purchased from any vendor or bookseller of the student’s choice. Refer to the enrollment confirmation or the course description on the website for the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) of required and recommended textbooks.

The Hill, located at the UCI Student Center also carries a wide variety of UCI apparel, gifts, accessories, supplies, and electronics.

 Books are not required for Uni Studies 83/84/87.

Socioloy 1- “The Real World: An introduction to Sociology” 8th Edition (Free PDF version Available)

Political Science 21A-TBD

Math 1B- TBD

Will I have access to the Anteater Recreation Center (ARC) during summer?

As a Summer Session student you can go to The ARC. You should download the app and go there with your ID. You will receive more info there. 

UCI Campus Rec on the App Store (apple.com)

Will I have access to the Middle Earth Fitness Rec Center during summer?

FSSP participants will not have access to this space and are encouraged to visit The ARC.

Is this FSSP only for CA students?

FSSP has four pathways. The Summer Bridge Scholarship has California Resident requirements and FSSP International is intended for international students. All incoming freshmen are invited to participate in FSSP and should check out our website for pathway eligibility.

Can I submit a registration/application form before I submit an SIR?

Students will need to log onto their application portal to submit a registration/application. Students do not need to have submitted an SIR to register/apply for the program. Registration will not be complete until students complete billing and registration documents which will be sent after students submit an SIR or AFTER May 15, 2024 (SIR deadline). Summer Bridge Application review will not start until AFTER May 15, 2024 (SIR deadline).

Are only FSSP applicants in the courses we will be taking or will other students also be taking them?

Summer Bridge, MITS and FSSP International students will only be in courses with other program participants. FSSP Explore students will be in general summer courses with continuing and other incoming students. All courses for FSSP Explore will be in-person.

Can we take college classes at our local community college online as we participate in FSSP?

Students should not take any additional units at UCI or another institution while enrolled in FSSP at UCI. FSSP is a 6-week immersive residential program that includes mandatory courses, workshops and socials.

Will we be taking graded exams/assessments during the program? And if so, do they count in some way towards a UCI college GPA?

Explore, MITS, and International participants will select the grading option for their courses upon registration; they may select P/NP or grade letter. All courses for Summer Bridge should be completed for a letter grade (unless prior approval is received).

If I do not participate in FSSP, can I still enroll in Summer Session courses and can I live on-campus?

Students can choose to enroll in Summer Session courses directly. However, they will not have access to housing or FSSP workshops or socials. Housing is available to continuing students who enroll in summer courses. For questions about housing options and policies, contact UCI Student Housing.

I have emailed the Registrar regarding my student’s in-state eligibility, we have not received the reply yet, may I know to whom should I reach out?

You should email registrar@uci.edu or call 949-824-6124. Please note there may be high email and phone traffic at this time which will result in delays in communication.  

For specific situations, you may email fssp@uci.edu and we will try to connect you with the appropriate office.

Was wondering how many hours do students tend to study during the program and do we get any free time?

Usually, students are encouraged to devote 3-4 hours of study/hw time per unit every week. Each course will vary based on the instructor and subject as well as the individual student’s needs/preferences. Students will have free time to study and socialize. 

What is SPOP and which should I plan to attend if I will be participating in FSSP?

Student Parent Orientation Program (SPOP) 6 takes place August 2-3. SPOP is mandatory for all incoming students. FSSP Explore, MITS and Bridge are required to attend SPOP 6. International participants should plan to attend ISPOP in September. SPOP 6 immediately precedes the start of the program. We work closely with SPOP to ensure our participants are enrolled in SPOP 6 and receive academic support for registration.

Are the classes available in-person with a full time professor? How large will the classes be?

The instructor and course sizes will vary from course to course. Summer Bridge, MITS and FSSP International students will only be in courses with other program participants. FSSP Explore students will be in general summer courses with continuing and other incoming students. All courses for FSSP Explore will be in-person.

How likely are we to get into the program?

Students are enrolled into the program on a rolling-basis. Complete the registration/application early to secure a spot. Limited spots are available in each pathway.

When are we notified when our spot is confirmed?

Once students submit a positive SIR and register for the program they will receive an email with instructions on completing enrollment in the program which includes submitting a non-refundable deposit of $190. All registrants who complete the process and sign all paperwork, will receive a welcome email.

Does priority scholarship mean you get priority for choosing FSSP classes? Or does it just mean you get $1200 to apply for FSSP?

Priority applies to the scholarship, not classes. The Priority Scholarship is only available to the FSSP Explore, FSSP International, and MITS pathway participants who register by May 29th.

Can you participate in more than one pathway?

Unfortunately, no. You may only participate in 1 pathway.

Do FSSP receive priority registration for Fall 2024?

FSSP participants do not receive priority registration. For Fall 2024, registration for courses will take place during SPOP. FSSP participants should plan to attend SPOP 6 (Aug 2- 3). Summer Bridge Scholars do receive priority registration but this is only applicable when they register for Winter and Spring classes during their first year. 

Financial Aid

If I am not eligible for Summer Bridge, can I still receive financial aid?

How do I apply for financial aid for Summer 2024?

Do you know when UCI will provide a financial aid offer? When would we know if FAFSA covers the full amount?

It is highly recommended to submit your 2023-2024 FAFSA as soon as possible so the Financial Aid office can process your application and offer you your financial aid for the summer.

Is there a payment plan available for the cost?

Currently, there is no payment plan available. Students can pay the deposit and work with the UCI billing office regarding paying the summer fees by the deadline.

Are there any scholarships available for students who are not eligible or do not receive the Summer Bridge Scholarship?

All students who register for FSSP International, MITS or FSSP Explore by May 22nd are eligible to receive a $1,200 Priority Scholarship. All other aid is distributed as part of the 2023-2024 FAFSA/Dream Act Application.

I’m still a bit confused about the priority scholarship. Does “eligible” mean that if we meet financial or other requirements, we will get the scholarship? Or does “eligible to receive the priority scholarship” mean that by meeting the priority deadline, we will now receive that scholarship regardless of financial need?

All students who register by May 29th are eligible to receive a $1,200 Priority Scholarship regardless of financial need.

Will financial aid be available over the summer to help pay for the program?

Yes! Students should complete the 2023-2024 FAFSA/Dream Act Application to receive financial aid for Summer 2024. All Summer Bridge applicants are required to submit the 2023-2024 FAFSA/Dream Act Application  to be considered for a scholarship.

Health Insurance/USHIP

What is USHIP and do I need it for summer?

USHIP stands for Undergraduate Student Health Insurance Plan.  It is a systemwide health insurance plan including medical, dental and vision coverage for enrolled students. UC SHIP provides a comprehensive health plan to students through robust services offered at the Student Health and Counseling Centers, augmented by access to an extensive nationwide network of providers. The medical and mental health benefits of the insurance plan are provided through Anthem Blue Cross. For questions regarding benefits, eligibility, claims status or to locate a network provider, contact:

Anthem Blue Cross

(866) 940-8306

Claims Submission:

PO Box 60007

Los Angeles, CA 90067-0007

If you have your own personal health insurance coverage, you may waive out of the requirement during the waiver period. during the waiver period. If you successfully waive out, you will not be required to pay the health insurance fee. Review waiver criteria HERE.

The USHIP fee will be charged to your student account during the waiver period, if you have not yet waived out. The balance will remain on your account until the fee is paid (if approved, may be paid by program) or until you successfully waive out of USHIP.

WAIVER OPTION (for students who plan to waive out of health insurance coverage):

Waiver Period – Students who elect to waive out may do so during the waiver period from DATE TBD 2024 to DATE TBD 2024.

Waiver Link – https://www2.academichealthplans.com/school/7006.html 

USHIP COVERAGE INFORMATION (for students who don’t plan to waive health insurance coverage, the total costs will be due (if approved, may be paid by program)

UCI Undergraduate Student Health Insurance Fee – TBD (In Summer 2023, the fee was $302.29)

Health Insurance Coverage Period – Monday, August 5, 2024 – Sunday, September 22, 2024

If you have any additional questions regarding the program and/or the health insurance requirement, please contact summerbridge@uci.edu.

Do I have to pay for the USHIP or is that automatically given in the program, and what is the fee for it if it does require a payment? Do I still have it when the academic school year officially begins?

The USHIP fee is only for the summer. You should waive out if you meet the waiver criteria. Once you enroll in the program, you will receive more information about USHIP. Check out more information here. Students must verify that they have health insurance for the academic year (whether it is USHIP or private insurance) and can do so by contacting the Student Health Center at (949) 824-5301. The fee is TBD (In Summer 2023, fee was 302.29)

The USHIP waiver link doesn’t work for me. What’s wrong?

You will not be able to do the waiver until you are enrolled. You have to be added to the database for USHIP during summer. Once you are enrolled, you will receive instructions about USHIP.


We are excited to announce that Freshman Edge participants will be able to reside at Middle Earth for the duration of the program. Middle Earth is not only a place where Hobbits live in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, but also a housing community at UC Irvine, centrally located just on Ring Road between Social Sciences and Engineering. As a program participant you are eligible to live at Middle Earth for the entirety of the program, which is from August 4– September 12. (Move-in dates vary by pathway)

Students will be able to share their occupancy preferences including roommate preferences in the FSSP Questionnaire which will be emailed to all participants in June/July.

What's the move-in day process?

Information coming soon!

What other important information should I know about move in?

  • Move-in date: August 1, 2024
    • Check-In: TBD (by appt)
    • First meal: Dinner
    • Parking: Anteater Parking Structure (parking rates apply)

What is the housing form? What about rooming assignments?

  • All participants living on-campus during the program are required to fill out housing preferences in the FSSP Questionnaire (sent to students after they accept the Summer Bridge scholarship or complete registration in FSSP Explore, FSSP International or MITS)
  • Rooming assignments will be sent out to participants 1-2 weeks prior to the start of the program
  • All residents will have access to an FSSP Resident Advisor (RA)/ Peer Mentor who can provide advice and support as well as assist with any housing related matters.

What are the housing accommodations? Will there be meals?

Housing Accommodations and Meals

  • Meals at Brandywine provided
  • Quadruple room assignment in Middle Earth Towers for FSSP Explore, FSSP International and Summer Bridge/ Double room assignment in Middle Earth Classics for MITS

Where is the housing for this program? Which dorms?

All FSSP participants will reside in Middle Earth. Summer Bridge, FSSP Explore and FSSP International participants will reside in quad assignments in Middle Earth Towers while MITS participants will reside in doubles in Middle Earth Classics.

How long is there between the end of FSSP and beginning of the school year? Can we just stay in the dorms?

 FSSP Explore, MITS and Bridge Participants should plan to move out of FSSP Program housing on September 12, 2024. Students with 2024-2025 Academic Year housing Contracts will be eligible to request early move-in housing (subject to nightly rate charge). However, it is not guaranteed students will be placed in their 24-25 assignment. More information will be sent to FSSP participants over the summer.

If I’m local, would residing in on-campus housing still be required?

Yes, even if you are local, you are required to reside on-campus. The only exception is MITS (Math In The Summer) which does have a portion that would be hybrid; MITS participants will reside on-campus from August 1-10 and complete the remainder of the program remotely. All other pathways should plan to resident on-campus from August 1-September 12.

How are FSSP roommates determined?

 FSSP participants can submit preferences but they are guaranteed. All participants fill out a rooming preferences form.

For housing, I have already completed the housing form for when school officially starts. The form still counts for FSSP Housing?

The application students completed for the academic year is different from FSSP housing. FSSP housing is only for August 1/3 through Sep 12, 2024 (exception: MITS participants move out August 10th).

I missed UCI’s academic year/priority housing deadline. If I get into FSSP, can my housing contract be extended for the rest of the academic year?

FSSP housing is a separate process than academic year housing. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide any special consideration or guarantee to program participants. If you participate in FSSP Explore or Summer Bridge move-in will be August 1st and move-out will be September 12th. Move-in day for FSSP International is August 1 and move out is September 12th. MITS students reside on campus from August 1 to August 10. Students without an academic year housing contract will need to move-out and may not extend their stay. We encourage you to reach out directly to housing@uci.edu to inquire about the waitlist process and share your situation. We hope you will still consider applying to our Summer Bridge program.

FSSP Explore

If I were to do FSSP, how would we know what pre-approved course to choose from the list if we do not know what GE courses are already fulfilled by AP/IB Credits?

We have advisors you can connect with regarding your course options. Email uuadvise@uci.edu to schedule an advising appointment; include “FSSP Explore Advising Request” in the subject and write your name, UC ID and briefly explain your situation/question in the body of the email. For your advising appointment, you should prepare your AP/IB course list and  high school and community college transcripts (unofficial acceptable).

Will everyone who registers by May 29th receive the $1200 priority scholarship or just some people?

Students who register for Explore, MITS, and International by May 29th will be eligible to receive the priority scholarship.

So you can only take like 1-2 courses from the pre-approved list when taking part in the Explore pathway?

FSSP Explore participants will only select one elective course. Students in FSSP Explore are enrolled in Uni Studies 83 and one course from the pre-approved list.

FSSP International

What additional resources are there?

If I am international but attended high school in the U.S., which pathways am I eligible for?/ I am international student but I want to participate in FSSP Explore or MITS.

Students will only be able to access the FSSP form for which they may be eligible for. International students residing internationally and who did not complete HS in the U.S. should register for FSSP International as they will not be eligible to enroll in a different pathway. Students who are international but attended high school in the U.S., can register for FSSP Explore or MITS.

Does UCI offer dorms for international students during the time after the program and before the fall move-in?

International students will be offered housing options prior to program move-in August 3. Students should indicate they will need support at the time of registration. After the program, international students who have an academic year housing contract may apply for transitional housing. Nightly rate applies and it is subject to availability.

Which Summer Start programs are most suitable for international students, particularly those arriving from abroad, to help them transition seamlessly into the fall semester?

The FSSP International pathway is the most appropriate for international students. Beyond the services provided by the International Center, students can be part of our ISEP/IPG community and take advantage of mentorship, building community, and cultural trips/experiences.

Are there any scholarships available for international students to participate in your programs?

All students who register for FSSP International, MITS or FSSP Explore by May 29th are eligible to receive a $1,200 Priority Scholarship. All other aid is distributed as part of the 2023-2024 FAFSA/Dream Act Application. Students need to complete the FAFSA/DREAM Act Application 2023-2024 to be considered for financial aid for Summer 2024.

Will everyone who registers by May 29th receive the $1200 priority scholarship or just some people?

Students who register for Explore, MITS, and International by May 29th will be eligible to receive the priority scholarship.

For international students currently residing locally, would the same programs be recommended, or are there different ones that might be a better fit?

If international students reside locally, and still need their US government requirement, than yes this program would be a good fit for them. If they already have their US government requirement met than the FSSP explore would be a good alternative program for them

If an international student signs up for this program, do they need to have any changes to their Confidential Financial Statement to show additional funding?

Yes, International students will need to submit a Confidential Financial Statement (CFA) to demonstrate proof of additional funding for the cost of the FSSP program.

If an international student is in the US and will already have the US Government requirement through their high school coursework, can they sign up for the other (non-international) session?

If the student already has the US government requirement met then they can sign up for the FSSP Explore or MITS pathway.

Summer Bridge



Program & Expectations


If we aren't accepted for Summer Bridge are we able to register for a different program?

Yes, but we encourage you to apply early. Students who are not accepted to Bridge will be invited to register for Explore or MITS. However, we are subject to financial aid, housing, and summer sessions deadlines and we will not be able to accept students after capacity if full and/or enrollment closes.

If we apply to the Summer Bridge program and don't get accepted, would we receive a refund on the $190 deposit?

Students pay the fee only if they get accepted to their respective pathway.


What is the difference between a full scholarship and a partial scholarship? What does the full scholarship cover? What does the partial scholarship cover?

The application review consists of financial verification which is done by UCI’s Financial Aid department. Students eligible for full scholarships are those whose EFC = 0. Eligibility is determined by the information provided in your 2023-2024 FAFSA. 

Students who are awarded full and partial scholarships will have course/e-tech fees as well as room and board covered. The program does not provide assistance with USHIP fees, students are responsible for either completing a waiver for paying USHIP fees. All Summer Bridge participants MUST pay the mandatory campus fee of $190 to complete their enrollment. Upon completion of the Summer Bridge Program, the $190 fee will be reimbursed to scholarship recipients (full and partial) as a final portion of the scholarship.

Partial Scholarships: If your EFC is not 0 then you are required to pay that amount out of pocket. For example: EFC is 150, then the student pays $150 out of pocket.

If I do not receive the scholarship, am I able to still participate?

Those who do not receive a scholarship, may still register in FSSP Explore or MITS (registration deadlines apply). Financial aid is available. 

Students may also opt to enroll in summer courses directly.

I have accepted the scholarship. What are the next steps?

Students who accept the Summer Bridge Scholarship will receive an email with next steps and instructions within 7 business days. Summer Bridge participants MUST pay the mandatory campus fee of $190 to complete their enrollment. Upon completion of the Summer Bridge Program, the $190 fee will be reimbursed to scholarship recipients as a final portion of the scholarship. However, should scholarship recipients fail to attend or complete the program after submitting your $190 fee, they will NOT be reimbursed; it is then non-refundable.

Does the Summer Bridge Scholarship cover parking?

No. The scholarship does not cover parking. Parking is managed by UCI Transportation and Distribution Services. Visit parking.uci.edu for more information and contact them directly with questions.

If I choose to bring a vehicle, where can I park and how much is it?

Participants are not required to bring a vehicle to campus. If they choose to, they should note that a parking permit is required at all times when parking at UCI. You will need to log onto myCommute on the UCI Transportation and Distribution Services website to purchase a permit. Participants who will be residing at Middle Earth should select “R-ME”. The rates are $69 per week or $135 per month and will allow you to park at the Anteater Parking Structure (APS) 3rd floor and above only and lot 18R. 

Parking is managed by UCI Transportation and Distribution Services. Visit parking.uci.edu for more information or contact them directly with questions (949) 824-3881

I completed my FAFSA/CA Dream Act but my parents/guardians have to mail a signature page. Does that affect my application?

As long as your FAFSA/CA Dream Act is submitted on time, we will wait to receive your financial aid information (including your parents signature page). Incomplete applications will not be processed.

I was accepted to the Summer Bridge Program, what can I expect now?

Once you are admitted, you need to accept or decline your offer by the deadline in your letter. Within 7 business days of accepting the offer, you will receive an email with details about next steps. 

You will need to confirm acceptance of your Summer Bridge Scholarship from the Financial Aid Office. You will be notified via email by Financial Aid that your award money has been distributed to your MyAid AFTER you accept a spot in the program and are enrolled in Summer Session II.

When will the charges be posted on my account? When will my financial aid award be posted?

Any charges that appear now may not be accurate. Charges and financial aid will be posted in Summer. We will follow up with any students who are missing any steps. For specific financial aid questions, email UCI Financial Aid.

I see an outstanding balance on my account. Do I need to pay those fees or does my scholarship cover them?

Students may see a balance on their accounts after they have enrolled. If students were accepted on a full scholarship, those fees will be covered once the students accept their award on their portal (our team is working on this on the back end).  If students received a partial scholarship, then the award will also be posted on their portal and students will be responsible to pay the remaining balance.

When does the application open, where can I find the application, and when is the deadline?

Students can find the application through their UCI student portal or through our website on the “Application” tab. The application will be available NOW and will close on May 29, 2024 11:59pm PT.

Can I submit an application before I submit an SIR?

Students will need to log onto their application portal to submit an application. Students do not need to have submitted an SIR to apply for the program. However, application review will not start until AFTER May 15, 2024 (SIR deadline). Applicants are encouraged to submit the 2023-2024 FAFSA/DREAM Act Application as soon as possible to ensure prompt financial verification which can take at least 3-4 weeks. 

I was in high school in 2023-2024, why do I need to submit a FAFSA for 2023-2024 when I already did it for 2024-2025?

An academic year starts with the “Fall” and ends with “Summer.” Therefore, Summer 2024 is a part of the 2023-2024 FAFSA and that is when Summer Bridge is taking place. For Financial Aid purposes, we need all applicants to complete both their 2023-2024 AND 2024-2025 FAFSA/Dream Act in order to process applications.

Can I submit a paper version of the FAFSA/CA Dream Act application?

Only electronic applications are accepted for the FAFSA or CA Dream Act. Please DO NOT submit paper applications as they will not be reviewed, deeming your application incomplete. 

CA Dream Act can be completed online here: https://dream.csac.ca.gov/landing

What are the steps of the application?

I applied by the deadline but have not heard back. What could be happening?

If you applied and have not heard back, you may have an incomplete FAFSA/CA Dream Act 2023-2024 or may not have submitted it. It may take up to 4 weeks to process your application after submission. If you are still interested, make sure to complete your FAFSA 2023-2024 immediately and email fssp@uci.edu to let us know.

I submitted the FAFSA 2023-2024 but haven’t heard back. What could be the hold up and what can I do?

  • Reason 1: Pending Residency
    • Check your status with the Resident Deputy at 949-824-6129.
  • Reason 2: No HS Diploma
    • Contact Admissions to verify your transcripts have been received
  • Reason 3: Incomplete FAFSA/CA Dream Act
    • Check FAFSA/CA Dream Act
    • Contact FinAid to verify all materials have been received

How do we submit payment for the program (i.e. USHIP, mandatory campus fee, partial amount)?

Students who receive a partial scholarship will receive information about the amount due and payment options at the time of admission to the program.

The mandatory campus fee of $190 is due at the time of enrollment but will be refunded to all students who receive a scholarship (full or partial).                     


Can I do both CAMP Summer Academy and Summer Bridge?

Students may not participate in both CAMP and any FSSP Program. However, students can apply to Summer Bridge in addition to CAMP and choose which to attend. 

CSSA is a three-week residential program that is designed to prepare newly admitted students in STEM for the academic rigor associated with their degree programs. CSSA admits will not be able to participate in Bridge and CSSA. CSSA is a 2-credit experience, and is considered an official orientation by the university. Summer Bridge participants are required to attend SPOP 6 and will complete 8 units during a six-week residential program. 


Can I apply to both MITS and Summer Bridge?

Students may not participate in more than one pathway. Typically, it takes 3-4 weeks to receive a notification after submission. Once a student receives an admission offer, they must accept or decline their offer by the deadline in their offer letter. Students who choose not to do Summer Bridge or are not accepted may choose to participate in MITS or FSSP Explore (registration deadlines apply).

How would the Summer Bridge Scholarship recipients be selected (i.e: merit-based, financial need, etc)?

Scholarship recipients muts meet the following criteria to be eligible: 

  • CA resident
  • Income-eligible (Determined by 2023-24 FAFSA/Dream Act)
  • First-generation

Full and partial scholarships are available and offered on a rolling basis until capacity is met.

Is everyone that applies for Summer Bridge going to be accepted?

Unfortunately, no. We have a financial aid verification process so not everyone who applies will be eligible for the scholarship. There are also limited spots and offers are made on a rolling basis. You are encouraged to apply early!

Program & Expectations

As a Summer Bridge Program participant, which requirements do I need to complete in the summer?

  • Attend SPOP 6
  • Attend FSSP Program Welcome on August 4, 2024
  • Attend all Community Care Series workshops
  • Meet with assigned Personal Guide (counselor) at least once
  • Meet with assigned Peer Mentor at least once
  • Attend at least 2 social events hosted by mentors
  • Complete Uni Studies 84 program attendance and assignments

Communicate with Summer Bridge staff if you have issues, questions or concerns.

What is covered in the cost of the program?

The cost of the program is approximately $6,363. Below is a breakdown of what is included in the cost:

  • Room and Board: $3,580.50
  • Course/E-tech/Program: $2,277

*Mandatory Campus Fee: $190

*The mandatory campus fee of $190 is due at the time of enrollment but will be refunded to all students who receive a scholarship (full or partial).

What are the benefits of participating in Summer Bridge?

Summer Bridge is a comprehensive program that provides the following benefits:

  • Priority registration for courses during first year
  • Personalized guidance from an assigned counselor
  • Peer mentor support from current UCI upperclassmen
  • Access to academic success workshops hosted by Gateway Initiative
  • 1 Free LARC tutorial scholarship for tutoring (each LARC tutorial is ~$125)
  • Access to a book loan program (rent out available books for the quarter for free and iClickers)

As a Summer Bridge Program participant, which classes do I take? Can I choose electives?

All of the courses for Summer Bridge are required and pre-determined. The courses included Uni Studies 84 with a writing component (4 units) and Sociology 1 (4 units) for a total of 8 units. Participants may not exceed 8 units and are not able to substitute/change the required courses. 

  • UNIVERSITY STUDIES 84: Pathways to University Success (4 units)
    • University Studies 83/ 84 is designed to help first-year students make a successful transition to UCI. Through lectures, discussions, course assignments, and activities, students will learn about campus resources that support students’ transition and enhance their academic development, and will develop a personal action plan to guide their UCI career. This course has an added writing component. 


  • SOCIOLOGY 1: Introduction to Sociology (4 units)
    • Sociology 1 examines major sociological concepts, theories, and research findings illuminating processes of interpersonal interactions, social difference, and stratification, integration, and conflict. (Fulfills one GE III and IV course)

Since I received the Summer Bridge Scholarship, do I still need to register for SPOP 6 or do I automatically get enrolled? What if I got assigned to a different SPOP before I received the scholarship?

All FSSP Explore, MITS and Summer Bridge participants are required to attend SPOP 6 on August 2-3. If you had a reservation for a different SPOP, we are moving your reservation to SPOP 6 once registration in FSSP is finalized. If you have not made a SPOP reservation yet, you must log into your SPOP Dashboard at reserve.orientation.uci.edu to make your SPOP 6 reservation. SPOP 6 will be the only program available to you when making your reservation.

We are unable to guarantee SPOP 6 to students registering after June 3rd. 

I had registered my parent(s)/guardian(s)/family for POP, will that be changed automatically?

If you had previously made any parent/family reservations for your parents/families, we are not automatically moving those reservations to POP 6 . You will have to log back into CampusGroups (campusgroups.uci.edu), request a refund for their current reservation, and make new reservations for POP 6. Your parents/families do not have to attend POP 6 with you, so they are welcome to keep their current POP reservations if they prefer.

I am in Campuswide Honors Collegium, is it mandatory for Bridgers to attend SPOP 6 or can I attend a different SPOP session?

ALL Summer Bridge Scholars will need to attend SPOP 6 as it will be directly followed by the start of the program. CHC has worked with Summer Bridge Support Staff to ensure that you are able to participate in BOTH CHC and Summer Bridge and are actively working together to provide you the best experience for your needs! CHC has granted permission for you to bypass the expectation to attend SPOP 1 or SPOP 2 and instead will make accommodations for you and other CHC + Summer Bridge students to attend SPOP 6 with the regular Summer Bridge Program. CHC Staff will be present at SPOP 6 to support you after your major advisors help enroll you in your courses and ensure there is space available in Honors Classes for you when you enroll during SPOP 6.  We will also do our best to ensure you get an opportunity to connect with CHC Staff and learn more about the CHC Community. We hope you are excited about the possibility of being a part of two amazing support systems here at UCI that want to see you succeed. Please email honors@uci.edu if you have any questions regarding specific honors questions. More information will be emailed to you about how CHC will support you during SPOP closer to SPOP 6.

Is SPOP 6 solely for applying to the Summer Bridge classes that the participants will be taking or is it also to register for classes of the School of our major?

During SPOP 6, students will not register for Summer Bridge classes; students will register for the Fall 2024 classes. For more questions please contact them directly.

As a Summer Bridge Program Participant, what will my weekly schedule look like?

Summer Bridge Scholars will be expected to attended courses, community care series, socials as well as Collegiate Life and Faculty Connections events.


  • MWF 10am-12:00pm


  • Lecture – MW 4-6:50pm
  • Activity – MW 5-6:50pm
  • Writing Lab – TuTh 10:30-11:50am

 SOCIOLOGY 1: Introduction to Sociology (4 units)

  • Lecture – TuTh 1:00pm-3:50pm

Is FSSP and Summer Bridge two separate pathways?

FSSP refers to the program as a whole. Summer Bridge is one of four pathways.

Math in the Summer (MITS)

I was looking over the sample program for my major and one of the courses is Math 2A which has a prerequisite of Math 1B. Will the MITS course fulfill this prerequisite and allow me to take Math 2A in the fall? "

Yes, the MITS course of Math 1B will fulfill the Math 2A prerequisite, so a student successfully completing MITS will be ready for Math 2A in Fall 2024 (or after).