Student Success Initiatives: LARC Tutorial Scholarship

The Student Success Initiatives LARC Scholarship aims to provide low income students who are struggling academically with the financial means to take a Learning and Academic Resource Center tutorial. Our intention is to limit financial barriers to a student’s academic success.


You must meet at least ONE of the criterias listed below to be eligible to apply for a SSI LARC Scholarship

Students who have a 3.0 GPA or BELOW (Cumulative GPA) AND are identified as “high need” through the Financial Aid office meaning your EFC=0.
Check your financial aid portal to see your EFC.
Student Success Initiative Program participants who are offered this benefit through their program. Check with your designated counselor for any questions.
FAQ: Why am I not eligible for the SSI LARC Scholarship?

Answer: Eligibility for the LARC Scholarship changes each quarter. You must have an EFC=0 and a 3.0GPA or below. Active participants in SSI programs are eligible for the SSI LARC Scholarship every quarter, regardless of the EFC=0 and 3.0GPA requirement.

The SSI LARC Scholarship Application is now OPEN!


Complete the SSI LARC Scholarship Agreement Form by Friday of Week 3 of the quarter. The form will only be available to students who are eligible. If you are not eligible, you will not have access to the form.
Complete an Academic Success Plan with a SSI Peer Educator by the Friday of Week 5 of the quarter.
Complete at least 10 tutorial sessions with LARC by the end of the quarter. You can track your attendance on the LARC enrollment website. 

What Happens Next?


Upon completing all three requirements students will be approved for the scholarship and SSI will pay for ONE LARC tutorial on the student’s behalf. The $125 charge will NOT be applied to your Zot Account. You will receive a notification through campusgroups that your scholarship is approved.



Failure to complete the requirements will result in the $125 LARC fee billed to your Zot Account. Students should consult with Adeeva with any concerns about completing their requirements before Week 6. You will receive a notification through campusgroups that your scholarship is rejected.

LARC Tutorial Policies

Be sure to read LARC’s policies BEFORE you enroll in a tutorial

  1. More information regarding LARC policies including Billing & Payment and Add/Drop policies can be found here.
  2. Check the LARC enrollment page to review tutorials being offered

Things to Consider…

  • Please note that you can enroll in a LARC tutoring session of your choice prior to completing the SSI LARC Tutorial Scholarship requirements; signing up for a tutorial session does not warrant you a scholarship, you need to fulfill ALL scholarship requirements.
  • If you were eligible for the scholarship the previous quarter, that does not warrant you the scholarship this quarter. You must check your eligibility and sign the LARC Agreement form each quarter you would like the scholarship.
  • Signing a LARC Scholarship Agreement may have minor implications on your financial aid package. If you have questions about your financial aid package, please contact The Office of Financial Aid at UCI at Tel: (949) 824-8262 or Email:
  • For any questions or concerns, please call the SSI office at (949) 824-1142.