Student Success Initiatives: LARC Tutorial Scholarship

Summer Session I LARC Scholarship is now CLOSED.

Please check back on our website on Monday, August 3rd to apply during Summer Session II


  • If you are enrolled in Summer Session I or II, you may be eligible for a LARC Scholarship through Student Success Initiatives for Summer!
  • Check your eligibility for a scholarship & APPLY
  • Students are only eligible for ONE tutorial for the entire summer.


  •  Students MUST sign the Student Success Initiatives LARC Scholarship Agreement form by 
    • Week 2 of Summer Session 1 Friday, July 3rd  by 5 pm OR
    • Week 2 of Summer Session II Friday, August 14th by 5 pm
  • Students MUST  attend at least half of the LARC tutorial sessions (hosted through ZOOM).



  1. Check the LARC enrollment page to review tutorials being offered 
  2. More information regarding LARC policies can be found here.



  • Please note that you can enroll in a LARC tutoring session of your choice prior to completing the SSI LARC Tutorial Scholarship requirements; signing up for a tutorial session does not warrant you a scholarship, you need to fulfill ALL scholarship requirements.
  • If you were eligible for the scholarship the previous quarter, that does not warrant you the scholarship this quarter. You must check your eligibility and sign the LARC Agreement form each quarter you would like the scholarship.
  • Signing a LARC Scholarship Agreement may have minor implications on your financial aid package. If you have questions about your financial aid package, please contact The Office of Financial Aid at UCI at Tel: (949) 824-8262 or Email:
  • For any questions or concerns, please call the SSI office at (949) 824-1142.