Student Success Initiatives: LARC Tutorial Scholarship

Winter 2021 SSI LARC Scholarship is now OPEN!

Please check your eligibility on the following link: HERE


  • Students can check their eligibility for a Winter LARC Scholarship starting on Monday, January 4th.


  1. You MUST complete the SSI LARC Scholarship Agreement Form no later than Friday of Week 2, January 15th at 5 pm.
  2. You MUST attend at least 10 of the LARC tutorial sessions. You can track your attendance on the LARC enrollment website.
  3. You MUST complete an Academic Success Plan appointment with an SSI Peer Educator by the Friday of Week 5, Feb. 5th. Book appointment here All appointments will be via Zoom. Your zoom link is provided to you upon making your appointment.

DEADLINE to sign your LARC Agreement is Friday of Week 2, January 15, 2021, at 5pm. DEADLINE to complete your Academic Success Plan appointment is Friday of Week 5, February 5th. **No exceptions**



  1. Check the LARC enrollment page to review tutorials being offered 
  2. More information regarding LARC policies can be found here.
  • Please note that you can enroll in a LARC tutoring session of your choice prior to completing the SSI LARC Tutorial Scholarship requirements; signing up for a tutorial session does not warrant you a scholarship, you need to fulfill ALL scholarship requirements.
  • If you were eligible for the scholarship the previous quarter, that does not warrant you the scholarship this quarter. You must check your eligibility and sign the LARC Agreement form each quarter you would like the scholarship.
  • Signing a LARC Scholarship Agreement may have minor implications on your financial aid package. If you have questions about your financial aid package, please contact The Office of Financial Aid at UCI at Tel: (949) 824-8262 or Email:
  • For any questions or concerns, please call the SSI office at (949) 824-1142.
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Academic Success Plans

Academic Success Plans (ASPs) will be offered through Zoom video calls for the 2020-2021 academic year. Students who need to complete an ASP to fulfill their LARC scholarship requirement will do so through a virtual Zoom call with a Student Success Initiatives Peer Educator. 

  1. ASPs will begin Monday of  Week 1 and will end Friday of Week 5
  1. Students will have the option to sign up for a 30 minute 1-1 or group appointment.
    1. 1-1’s are available from: 9am - 10am, 11am - 2pm
    2. Group appointments are available: 10am-11am
  1. All ASP appointments will be scheduled through google calendar at the following link: The Zoom invite link will be available to students in the appointment description once they select their appointment time. They are responsible for clicking the Zoom link at the time of their appointment, and the link will direct them to the video chat. 

* Zoom is accessible through mobile device and computer.

Failure to complete an Academic Success Plan by Friday of Week 5 will result in students having to pay the $110 LARC fee at the end of the quarter. Students should email with any concerns about completing their requirements.